Smart bedroom gadgets: Must-Have Devices For A Blissful Bedroom

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    It's all about the best room in the house, the bedroom.

    From gadgets that’ll help you sleep soundly to ones that’ll brighten your morning, here’s the smart tech you need to master your bedroom.

    Google Home isn’t only useful in the bedroom, but it has lots of functions that makes it a very handy bit of kit for your bedside table.

    It can set your alarm, hit snooze for you, and much more.

    the Link isn’t a Zelda-themed smart fan, but a heater, cooler and air purifier with an app.

    It’s a huge indulgence, price-wise, but if you can’t sleep unless the air is perfect, you might find it’s worth every penny.

    SleepPhones are still a favorite way to block out slumber-disrupting racket.

    Fitbit unveiled two new sleep tracking features that take the wearables company’s already-useful sleep tracking capabilities to new heights.

    The easiest way to kill that horrible did-I-turn-it-off anxiety when you leave the house is to plug hair tools into a Belkin Wemo smart switch.

    That will show you what you left on and give you the ability to turn is off

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