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    Hey everyone! I have 15 simple life hacks you need to know to simplify and improve your everyday life.

    Hope you find these awesome life hacks to be useful!

    All of the simple life hacks featured in this video are listed below with time stamps.

    Life Hack 1: Stop mirror and car windows from fogging and steaming up 0:14

    Life Hack 2: How to clean mirrors and windows with newspaper 1:09

    Life Hack 3: Cooking with parchment paper on stove top 1:22

    Life Hack 4: How to wash dishes fast with boiling hot water / simple cleaning ideas 2:16

    Life Hack 5: Homemade Dishwasher Detergent 3:06

    Life Hack 6: Make your own carpet cleaning powder with baking soda 3:50

    Life Hack 7: Best, fast, and easy way to clean the kitchen microwave 4:32

    Life Hack 8: Layer several trash bags in trash can 5:08

    Life Hack 9: DIY bakeware scrubber with an aluminum foil ball 5:30

    Life Hack 10: Clean dirty blinds the easy way with a sock 5:50

    Life Hack 11: Blender cleaning trick 6:26

    Life Hack 12: DIY all purpose cleaner with vinegar + orange peels 7:03

    Life Hack 13: DIY kitchen wipes for a clean kitchen 7:55

    Life Hack 14: How to make your own dawn foaming dish soap 9:20

    Life Hack 15: Clean the nooks and crannies in your house with fluffy slime 9:55

  • 15amazinglifehacksforcleaningeveryoneshouldknow